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Whether you are a veteran environmental conservationist or are just learning how many of your everyday habits may be harming the Earth, we created this blog to help you on your quest to help conserve the environment. While there are other environmental conservation blogs out there, this one is different because we don't focus on one specific issue that affects the environment, but instead plan to cover them all. Whether you are looking for information on choosing the most eco-friendly light bulbs for your home or want to learn more about deforestation and how it can lead to entire animal species becoming extinct, we plan to post the answers to those questions here and much more. Come back any time you have a question about the environment or when you simply want to learn a new tip on how to lower your carbon footprint.


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Interested In A Dumpster Rental To Assist With Rental Property Cleanup? 3 Factors For A More Satisfying Experience

One of the responsibilities involved in owning residential real estate is handling the property cleanup chores after tenants move out. While most tenants are diligent about taking care of the homes they are renting and leave little or no trash behind, there will be instances where landlords must deal with the refuse and damage left behind by less cooperative tenants. 

Rental housing owners who are facing a difficult cleanup situation where trash, discarded furnishings, or damaged building materials will require disposal may find that investing in a dumpster rental is the most convenient way to accomplish necessary cleanup chores. Those who have little or no experience with dumpster rentals can use the following information to help them enjoy a more satisfying experience. 

Choose an appropriate dumpster size 

Before beginning the dumpster rental process, it is important to find out what dumpster sizes the dumpster rental company offers and choose the one that will best match the amount of trash left behind by the tenant. If the dumpster is to be emptied periodically during the rental period, it may be cost-efficient to choose a small or medium dumpster size, instead of the largest option. 

Decide upon a convenient location

Rental property owners must also determine where the rental dumpster can be placed before contracting for the delivery. If the rental unit will be vacant during the cleanup, it may be possible to place the dumpster on the existing driveway or parking area while the cleanup is in progress. Property owners must, however, be certain that the location they choose for the dumpster will not interfere with traffic or public use areas. In many urban locations, it will also be necessary to obtain a special permit from the local city government or planning and zoning department before having the rental dumpster delivered to the property. 

Be diligent in avoiding disposal of prohibited waste materials

Most landfills have regulations or policies that determine the types of waste that can be accepted at their site for disposal or recycling. Because of this, the dumpster rental company will provide property owners with a listing of materials or items that cannot be placed into the dumpster. Commonly prohibited materials and items can include batteries, yard debris, asphalt, concrete, and other common building materials. 

Dumpster rentals can offer property owners a convenient option for the removal of trash and refuse left behind by a departing tenant. To learn more, contact a reputable dumpster rental service in your immediate area. 

For more information, contact a company like Tri-State Disposal.