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Whether you are a veteran environmental conservationist or are just learning how many of your everyday habits may be harming the Earth, we created this blog to help you on your quest to help conserve the environment. While there are other environmental conservation blogs out there, this one is different because we don't focus on one specific issue that affects the environment, but instead plan to cover them all. Whether you are looking for information on choosing the most eco-friendly light bulbs for your home or want to learn more about deforestation and how it can lead to entire animal species becoming extinct, we plan to post the answers to those questions here and much more. Come back any time you have a question about the environment or when you simply want to learn a new tip on how to lower your carbon footprint.


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Why It's Important To Have Catch Basins Cleaned Regularly

When was the last time you thought about the catch basins in your storm drainage system? If it has been a while, you may want to consider having your catch basins cleaned — and then staying on top of this regular maintenance from now on. Why is it so important to have your catch basins cleaned? Well, as it turns out, having this work done comes with a number of benefits.

You're less likely to get clogs.

Your catch basins serve a very important function. They catch all of the leaf litter, branches, and other debris that flows into the storm drains so those items don't make it down into the storm drain and cause a blockage. However, if the catch basin itself becomes too clogged, it may restrict the flow of water into the storm drain, effectively causing a blockage. You may then end up with water pooling around the drain instead of flowing down it. Having the basins properly cleaned out on a regular basis will help prevent this from happening.

You'll have fewer foul odors.

When leaves, tree debris, and other items get wet, they start to deteriorate. And when they start to deteriorate due to the presence of mold and bacteria, they give off an odor. If you don't clean your storm drain catch basins out pretty often, they will start to smell. People may turn up their noses when they walk past them. The smell will become really noticeable when there is a storm or when it's hot out. More frequent cleaning will keep odors to a minimum, which any guests, clients, or visitors who use your parking lot will really appreciate.

You'll have less contamination.

The bacteria that breed in a full, wet catch basin are not always ones you want around, either. Some of them may be pathogenic. They could make you sick if you accidentally touch anything near the basin, or if water flows out of the basin and gets on your things. Animals could also be sick if they drink water contaminated by bacteria in a dirty catch basin. Have the catch basins cleaned more often, and everyone will be safer.

Luckily, cleaning catch basins is not something you have to do yourself. Most storm drain and sewer cleaning companies offer this service. Contact a company in your area, and get on their schedule for regular cleaning. You'll appreciate the better flow and lack of odors.

For more information about catch basin cleaning, contact a local company.