Keeping you and your family warm through the winter is a necessity. When it comes to purchasing or servicing a furnace we can help you have peace of mind that will have you and your family warm for years to come.

The purchase of a new mid-efficiency furnace was banned by the government of Canada in 2010. The new law requires all homes to turn to new high efficiency furnaces that are standard and two stages.

– The standard furnace has an AC( alternating current) PSC(permanent Split Capacitor) motor. There are two different modes in which it functions: ON or OFF, this furnace will always run at the same capacity.

– The Two – Stage Furnance is a DC (direct current) ECM (electronicically commuted motor) and is equipped with a dual stage gas valve. This Furnance will start its operation at half the consumption of gas and at minimum the hydro costs. The dual stage gas valve allows for two-settings, low fire and high fire. Unlike a standard Furnance which functions only in a high fire setting, The DC motor produces a constant, yet slower stream of warm even air from the start which in return makes it more efficient and ends up saving you money.

Our TSSA certified technicians will determine the size of heating equipment you will need to heat your home the most efficient way. At ICS we have professional and experienced installers that will make sure that your new equipment is properly installed and follow all TSSA guidelines.