on Friday Dec 13 , 2013 we had to put in a service call for no heat on a furnace that we rent from National home services.

I just wanted to sincerely compliment the work, dedication, and courteousness of your technician on this call. His name was Marcel, I may have the spelling incorrect.

Marcel started the call at about 6:30 pm and it was after 9 pm by the time he was finished. This was a Friday evening after working what I am sure was a long week for him doing service calls in the cold weather.

Despite the fairly extensive repairs and troubleshooting required to get us up and running that Friday evening, Marcel was very courteousness and professional throughout the call and kept us updated on his progress. Most importantly , he got our furnace up and running and had all the parts he needed to service us in his van.

I was impressed with the service we received that Friday but what really impressed me and prompted me to write this email was a couple of days later, Marcel actually called to ensure that our furnace was still up and running. That is really going the extra mile because I doubt that is a National Home Services requirement of your independent technicians

Matt Garcia
Plant Manager