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Whether you are a veteran environmental conservationist or are just learning how many of your everyday habits may be harming the Earth, we created this blog to help you on your quest to help conserve the environment. While there are other environmental conservation blogs out there, this one is different because we don't focus on one specific issue that affects the environment, but instead plan to cover them all. Whether you are looking for information on choosing the most eco-friendly light bulbs for your home or want to learn more about deforestation and how it can lead to entire animal species becoming extinct, we plan to post the answers to those questions here and much more. Come back any time you have a question about the environment or when you simply want to learn a new tip on how to lower your carbon footprint.


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Winter Is Almost Here: 4 Reasons To Rent A Dumpster Before The Weather Changes

If you're preparing for winter, now's the time to rent a dumpster. You might not think that dumpster rentals are an important part of winter preparation, but that's not necessarily the case. Renting a dumpster can actually help eliminate some common winter problems. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to rent a dumpster this winter. 

Reduce Risk of Increased Pest Activity

During the winter, wild animals need to increase the effort they put into finding food. That's because resources can be scarce during the cold winter months. As a result, they'll often forage through curbside trash cans in an effort to find much-needed food. Unfortunately, those small curbside trash cans are no match for larger animals, which is where dumpster rental comes in handy. Placing your winter garbage into heavy-duty dumpsters will help keep the wild animals away, especially if you remember to keep the lid closed at all times. 

Prepare for Added Waste Needs

If you're like most people, you go through a lot more garbage during the winter months, especially around the holidays. House guests and holiday gift exchanges increase the amount of waste that you toss out each week. Unfortunately, that added waste can overpower your curbside trash cans, leaving you with leftover trash. Renting a dumpster is one way to make sure that you have plenty of space for the added waste. 

Avoid Curbside Trash Can Use

If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall each winter, trash days can be a real problem, especially where the snow removal equipment is concerned. Not only is it difficult to move your trash cans to the street during periods of heavy snowfall, curbside trash cans often interfere with the proper removal of snow from residential streets. When you rent a dumpster, you won't have to worry about taking your trash cans to the street during snow storms. You also won't have to worry about them blocking the passage of the snow removal equipment. The waste removal company will pull right onto your property to empty your dumpster once a week. 

Be Prepared for Storm Cleanup

If you experience severe winter storms each year, be prepared for the cleanup. Winter storms often result in damaged trees, especially during periods of heavy snow pack. Renting a dumpster this winter will help you prepare for the cleanup. As soon as the storm passes through, you'll be able to get outside and clean up the debris. Best of all, you won't have to fill up your curbside trash cans to accomplish the cleanup.